Winter Play Workshop

We’ve added a new workshop to help everyone get ready for playing outside in winter! We’ll be discussing what to dress your children in for winter play, with a focus on being in the rain, extreme cold, and riding on a family bike. We’ll also touch on tips for getting your children into their winter clothes, and where to find winter clothing deals.

Last year my then-4-year old daughter went snow camping with her dad. And I did a birthday party for a group of 2-3 year olds at Discovery Park in 28 degrees. The kids whose parents followed my suggestions for what to wear had the best time playing in the cold sunshine. I would love to share what I’ve learned about staying warm with you!

Winter Play Workshop Date: Sunday, December 14, 1-3pm, in Ballard.

Please visit the registration page to sign up. Exact location will be emailed to registrants.