What To Wear

What should my child wear?
At Wild Child Seattle (like other outdoor programs around the US and Scandinavia), our motto is “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”  Please be aware your child will be outside the entire time and will get dirty.

Dress your child (and yourself) in layers, in all seasons. The weather at the park can be cooler than in the rest of the city, especially at the beach. Wool, silk and some synthetic materials make great under-layers. My kids love the Ella’s Wool brand and wear them year around.

Some children may prefer a one piece rain suit to separate rain pants and jackets. Some popular brands include Tuffo Muddy Buddy, REI, Oakiwear and Lands End.  These are great for keeping kids warm and dry, and they clean up easy after your done playing.  

Please bring a hat for your child (and yourself!!) in all weather: warm hat for winter months and a sun hat for summer months.  

For the dryer months, please send your child to camp in comfortable, flexible sneakers. They will be doing lots of climbing over logs and exploring on the trails.

No matter the weather, bring an extra set of clothes, including another set of shoes, to change into after class. I find that I’m much more relaxed having my kiddos get dirty if I know I can change them before getting into the car and heading home. They’ll be happier too in a dry, clean set of clothes for the ride home.

What’s wrong with cotton?
Cotton is fine when it is not raining, but when cotton gets wet, it wicks heat away from the body, making you or your child colder. Wool, silk and synthetic materials will keep you warm, even when wet.

Does my child need hiking boots?
Hiking boots are not necessary, or even expected. It is more important for your child to have comfortable shoes.  Since moving to Seattle and trying out several brands of rain/winter boots, we’ve landed onto Bogs (Oakiwear also makes a similar boot). They’re perfect for the cold, rainy days and are great quality. They’re not cheap but will definitely last through more than one season, provided your kiddo’s feet don’t outgrow them, can easily be passed down to a sibling or friend and also sold to consignment shops, etc. They’re worth the investment. Pair these with wool socks and your little one will be happy outside for hours.

What else should I bring to class?
About half way through the hike, we will stop and have a snack. Please bring water bottles and pack a light snack for you and your child. There are not trash cans, typically, on the hike so please be prepared to “pack it in, pack it out”.

** Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding gear and/or what to bring. We are in no way affiliated with the above brands. They’re just our recommendations through our own trial and error from one mom to another. **