What To Expect

What should I expect from a day at Wild Child Seattle?

A camp day is an hour and a half.  We start with our welcome song and a felt board activity to introduce the children to the day’s habitat and the creatures that live there. We then go on our hike and explore our habitat, followed by snack and a story, and an art project.  The story and art project are always based around the habitat we’ve been exploring. We end by hiking back and singing the goodbye song.

How far do you hike?

The longest hike is 1.5 miles round trip. We’ll let you know in the weekly confirmation email if our hike is going to be long. Hiking boots are not necessary, but comfortable shoes are very important.

Can I bring my stroller?

Some of our hikes are stroller-friendly. If you have a special circumstance that requires you to use a stroller, please contact me, and I can take an alternate route on the days that are not generally stroller-friendly.

What should we bring?

Just bring a snack and a jacket for your child. I’ll supply the rest.

Oh no, my kid got dirty! What should I do?

I highly recommend having a change of clothes in the car, that way you can feel more relaxed about your child getting wet or dirty. Some people prefer to bring their extra clothes along on the hike, and change at snack time, but this can backfire on the hike back.