“Our two year old son did two sessions of Itty Bitty camp this summer.  We had so much fun exploring Discovery Park and going for hikes.  He learned a lot about plants and animals and it deepened all of our appreciation for nature.  Hillary is a very gentle and kind teacher.  Her demeanor and patience are perfect for little ones.  We all really enjoyed how camp got us out of the house each week and exploring.  The art projects the kids complete are cute and our son loved story time and the felt board.  It’s a fantastic outdoor educational and social activity for little tykes.  We highly recommend it.”

Scott & Patricia Larson, parents of Jasper, age 2

“There is something about Hillary that makes Itty Bitty Camps a unique experience. She has a quiet inquisitiveness and simple joy about her that I really liked. Its easy to see that she embraces the beauty in the places she takes you and is eager to share that beauty with others. Its this that really made me enjoy talking to her and learning all the tiny observations you would miss when you hike through Nature on your own. My girls really responded well to her, even my shy one, and looked forward to every session we went to with no complaints ever— even when it rained!”

Jasmine Pulido, mother of Penny (3 yrs) and Abbey (1 yr)


“My son isn’t a get-your-hands-dirty sort of guy, but he loved Itty Bitty Camps. Our first time out, Hillary showed him how to squirt water on spiderwebs to make them glisten, and he was hooked. The fall drizzle and cold didn’t faze him as he found plenty of of sticks to pick up, rocks to plunk into the pond, and bugs to peer at. It was a great opportunity for me, too, to learn more about the flora and fauna in Discovery Park. Itty Bitty Camps is a unique, fun experience that I would definitely recommend!”

Sarah, mother of Aven (2 yrs)