A Day At Camp

We start our day with a felt board activity, introducing our topic and habitat of the day, and by singing the welcome song as everyone gathers on the blanket.  We then head out on our hike, which is generally about half a mile and moves at the children’s pace.

We’ll visit one of 5 different habitats every week: forest, beach, wetland, creek and meadow.

Once we’ve reached our habitat destination, we explore the nature in that type of habitat, looking for small creatures intertidal zone of the beach, spider webs in the forest, water bugs in the pond.img_4074

Often we will bring “tools” to help us explore our habitats, such as nets at the ponds and beach, and magnifying glasses at the meadow.

We will break for snacktime on the blanket, read a story related to our habitat, and do an art project.  We end our day by hiking back and singing the goodbye song.


10-10:15  Gather on the blanket, play with felt board habitat, sing the welcome song

10:15-10:50  Hike to our habitat of the day and explore!

10:50-11:10  Story and snack time, and an art project

11:10-11:30  Hike back to our starting place and sing the goodbye song