Our Favorite Books-Meadows

Over the years I’ve amassed a collection of lovely picture books that introduce nature and ecology to children, and in some cases deepen the knowledge they already have. Here are some of my favorites for meadow day:


Such a Little Mouse follows the life of a mouse in the meadow as it experiences each season. Topics: seasons, meadows, mice, foraging

A clever inchworm measures birds to save itself from being dinner. Topics: meadows, predator/prey relationships

A lyrical counting book about animals that live in the meadow. Topics: meadows, animals, mamas and babies, counting

One of my favorite books! The author lives in the Pacific Northwest, and those of us familiar with NW ecology will find the plants very familiar. Discusses all the ways seeds are spread in nature. Topics: meadows, seeds, animals, ecology, vectors

  A book full of different kinds of bird, and the sounds they make. Topics: bird species, bird calls, nesting

Another favorite! Butterfly Eyes introduces and deepens children’s knowledge of meadow ecology through poetry, and the art is just beautiful. Topics: meadow ecology, predator/prey relationships, insects and animals of the meadow, literature

A simple book about what you might see in the tall grass, with striking artwork. Topics: meadows

A lovely book about a mouse family living in a rock wall through the seasons. Topics: meadows, seasons, food supply

A wordless book about a little girl and her experience with a butterfly. Topics: butterflies, empathy