Workshop: Introducing Children to Nature

I’ll be teaching a workshop about how to introduce children to nature. This workshop is for people with very young children who are looking ahead to family camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures, as well as those with older children who haven’t spent much time in the outdoors.

In this workshop we will explore different temperaments, and how that may affect their reactions to nature and other potentially unfamiliar situations, such as camping, hiking and the beach.

Tips for creating good experiences for your children as they are developing a relationship with the natural world.
We’ll discuss how far children can hike at different ages, as well as how to dress them for the elements (including where I find great deals on toddler-sized outdoor gear!)
We will touch on plants and safety, although I will be teaching a more focused class on this later this year, when the plants are leafed out and/or blooming.
The Details:
Ballard Coffee Works
January 30, 7-8:30pm
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